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L series transformer amplifier
Detailed introduction
Traditional style of good quality and good continuous output power: is divided into  types, the output power 8 Ω load at the same time, respectively for  600 w / 800 w, meet the demand of all configuration;
Depth improvement of H type of topological structure, combining with specialized senior product development of switch power supply, the machine efficiency > 76%;
All series have standard working mode and input sensitivity to choose, with all-round high-speed electronic circuit protection;
The AI, SMT, wave soldering and ICT automation process;

Recommended application in the field of mid-range entertainment engineering amplification.

Model L1800 L2400
8Ω Output power 600W×2 800W×2
4Ω Output power 1000W×2 1500W×2
2Ω Output power 1200W×2 1600W×2
8Ω Bridge Output power 1800W 2800W
Frequence response 20Hz-20KHz(@8Ω±0.5dB)
THD <0.05%
Switching Rate 20V/µs
Damping factor >300(@100Hz)
Signal to noise ration >95dB
Input sensitivity 0.775Vrms/1.0Vrms/1.4Vrms
Voltage  gain 38.6dB 40.2dB
Impedance Balanced 20KΩ/unbalanced 10KΩ
Power voltage ~220V±10%/50Hz (Other on request)
Gross weight 21.54Kg 23.02Kg
Outer packing dimension L560×H138×D542mm

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