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Detailed introduction
With advanced power management technology, this amplifier can improve the efficiency of the whole machine without affecting the tone color, making it more able to adapt and satisfy your picky demands.
This series of amplifiers are overheat, overload, short circuit, ultra - sound and dc protection.
This series of power amplifier circuit is designed for the power amplifier.
High precision machining and painting process make the structure size and appearance of the amplifier well guaranteed.
Steel plates with anti-distortion and impact resistance are specially used to deal with the wear and tear during use and vibration during transportation.
Low noise intelligent variable speed fan has good thermal stability.
The series power amplifier has good characteristics of high fidelity, the internal layout of the power amplifier power amplifier has low distortion rate, total harmonic distortion (THD), intermodulation distortion (AMPTE - IM) and transient intermodulation distortion (30 and DIM DIM100) was measured with the most sophisticated testing equipment of the above data is very low.
High power, high efficiency full - copper ring transformer provides a good dynamic range.
The front panel has a six-channel gain control knob and corresponding level indicator.
The main purpose of the display amplifier is to show whether there is an output signal in each channel, whether the limiter has been controlled and whether the protection circuit has been triggered.
Low noise and large air volume dc fan, the forward and forward air flow makes the power dissipation more reasonable.

Type HD868 no.
Connection impedance: 8Ohms 500W * 5+800W.
The frequency should be 20hz-20khz;
0.1 + / - 0.1 dB (1 w / 8 Ω)
Intermodulation distortion (60Hz&7KHz) -4/1<0.075%.
Total harmonic distortion (8 Ω, 1 KHZ) < 0.025%
Conversion rate 30v/ mu s.
Damping coefficient, 300:1, 1 KHz @ 8 Ω
The input sensitivity (8 Ω) 1 v (0 db)
Input impedance 20K balance /10K non-equilibrium.
Signal-to-noise ratio 1 hz > 110 db
Input the connector for the kanon input holder.
The output connector is a special connector.
Power supply voltage ~200V-240V/50Hz-60Hz.
The power amplifier protection has short circuit, limit, overheat, dc, ultrasonic and other protective devices.
Cooling system intelligent air cooling.
The panel indicates protection indicator light, distortion indicator light, signal indicator light, work indicator light.
External dimensions 46.8*50.5*13.2cm.
Heavy hair 37 kg
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