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Detailed introduction
1. Perfect combination of professional KTV front-end effector and 7.1 audio decoder processor of cinema.
2. KTV mode and cinema mode, each relevant channel parameter is adjustable independently.
3. Using 32-bit high performance high computing DSP, high signal-to-noise ratio professional AD/DA, using 24-bit /48K pure digital sampling.
4. Unique microphone feedback and simulation algorithm, with 8 levels of adjustable intensity.
5. The echo effect of professional singing can be adjusted freely with single channel echo/stereo echo/double echo type.
6. A variety of optional reverberation effects. There are three types of hall/room/home.
7. 6 channel audio processor function.
8. HDMI synchronized video switch.
9. 4 sets of microphone input, with dual microphone input, MIC A and MIC B, dual independent 15-segment parametric equalization, microphone high-pass filter and low-pass filter.
10. 3 sets of stereo audio VOD/AUX/BGM automatic priority input.
15 segment parametric equalization, high pass filter and low pass filter.
11 and KTV pattern or cinema mode, has six independent channel output, each channel can separate mixing, high low frequency, the main output 10 section parameter equilibrium and around 10 section parameter equilibrium, and subwoofer 7 segment parameters of balance, time delay, pressure limit, polarity reversal, volume and mute.
12. Independent KTV stereo recording output.
13. Management, user and primary mode, password management, password key lock function.
14. Have 10 sets of user parameter storage and call.
15. VOD point song control interface, wireless infrared remote control and line control function.
16. Avoid driving USB interface and wireless WIFI connection, control all parameters through PC software in real time, and control all adjustments freely and conveniently.
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