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Detailed introduction
HD - 100 decoder is professional level HD audio and video decoder, the professional level of HD independent former level decoder HD - 100, is located in a professional commercial level before and after the split type power amplifier of the cinema's top products, is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection surround sound effect and higher fidelity and telepresence is more outstanding high-end HD theater is designed, and the current of the world's most advanced technology of the next generation of audio decoding synchronous independent decode preamp.
The machine with Dolby * TrueHD, Dolby * Digital Plus, DTS Master, DTS HI RES, such as the current most advanced hd audio decoding function, on the basis of also has 3 d playback, HDMI1.4 transmission technology, labial synchronization technology, bluetooth receiving transmission technology, many regional room management technology, increased channel output technology ahead, 11 balanced EQ section parameters adjustment, strong practical electronic partials, multipath channel balance 7.1 / non-equilibrium audio output terminals, etc., its technical content and comprehensive strength is very strong...
In practical use, as long as the level increases after a 7 channels of pure audio power amplifier and the corresponding speaker system, can form a set of features strong and sound quality sound very outstanding professional high-grade level before and after the split type cinema systems.

Main functions:
Audio processing section
1. Support the most advanced HD audio decoding, including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Master, DTS HI RES, etc.
2. SD audio decoding support: Dolby Digital (EX), DTS, DTS ES (D6.1, M6.1), DTS 96K/24, and PCM of 192K 7.1CH, etc.
3. Complete matrix decoding function: Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS Neo:6, etc.
4. Scanning of acoustic features of intelligent room.
5. Strong bass management: front, center, surround, rear, ultralow sound packet independent adjustment filter inflection point, slope, bass enhancement function, single, double rear setting, etc.
6. The tone of the group and the EQ adjustment of the parameter equalizer in 11 segments of each channel.
7. Unique and practical electronic and double amplifier technology.
8. High quality FM radio, professional digital audio recording chip.
9. Labial synchronization technology with a maximum of 999 milliseconds.
10. Bluetooth receiving transmission technology.
11. Professional level 7.1 channel balance terminal and RCA output.
12. S/P DIF digital signal outputs 2CH PCM.
13. 2 optical fiber input with isolated coaxial and 2 channel.
Video processing part.
1. HDMI1.4 interface input and output.
2. 4 HDMI input, 1 channel HDMI output, HDMI quick switch.
3. HDMI supports 1080P, YUV and RGB, and supports DVI mode, and supports HD audio and 8CH LPCM.
4. Support 3D video playback.
5. Support HDMI CEC control.
6. Support HDMI ARC audio feedback.
7. Video input/output support: HDMI/DVI 480P, 576P, 720P50, 720P60, 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080P50, 1080P60, 1080P24.
8. Machine size: 430 * 248 * 89mm.
9. Machine size (bracket) : 482 * 248 * 104mm.
10. Packing size: 526 * 331 * 167mm.
11. Net weight: 6kg/ table hair :6.7kg/ table.
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