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Detailed introduction

Scope of application: the place with high demand for human voice such as the quantity of KTV and clubhouse.
Special point: the design of the second circuit, the internal division frequency line, the tone color is flat, the sound is soft and sweet, transparent, the low frequency is full and powerful;
Built-in 2 3-inch high-pitched units and 1 8-inch bass unit, all of which are imported, symmetrical fan uniform and balanced spread design, accurate positioning, and excellent surrounding sense;
Have standard hanging installation point, convenient and quick.

Model OK-308
LF driver 1×8"2Way
HF driver 2×3"2Way
Frequency response(Hz) 55Hz-15kHz
Rms power (W) 100W
Peak power (W) 200W
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 89dB
Maximum SPL (dB) 112dB
Crossover point  (Hz) 2.5kHz
Structure Medium density fiberboard
Finish Black water-base textured paint
Connector SPEAKON*2
Net weight(Kg) 8.4Kg

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