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Detailed introduction

Stv-628 is specially built for private cinemas.
The box is made of birch splint, and the surface is treated as high-grade wood grain paint.
Speaker's point of view with scientific sound field structure of the human body, the use of special high horn, makes the room "emperor" off-axis diffusion Angle greatly widened, the sound field voices show incisively and vividly, STV - 618 surround speakers in collocation, can well completion of the mission and the surround channels.
The speaker system is also solved the difficult problem of theater audio cannot enjoy K song, STV - 618 can through professional style to reflect the bandwidth of the whole acoustic field, bring you merry dripping wet in the KTV sing feeling, keep watching movies at the same time the whole acoustic field clear no noise.
It allows you to have a private theater system that can sing (professional KTV), watch (multi-channel surround), and listen to the temple at the same time.

Model STV-628
LF driver 2×8"2Way
HF driver Φ38mm
Frequency response(Hz) 80Hz-20kHz
Rms power (W) 400W
Peak power (W) 800W
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 90dB
Maximum SPL (dB) 102dB
Coverage angle 60°*90°
Crossover point  (Hz) 2.0kHz
Structure Birch plywood 
Finish Imitation wood grain painting
Connector SPEAKON*2
Net weight(Kg) 15.5Kg

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